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Honeywell Latest FMS Newsletter
BGA News
July/12/2013Embraer Mixed Fleet Notice 1308
ATR  News
Sept/24/2014 1411 RNAV RNP non-AR Approaches
April/22/2014 1406 RNAV Visuals Lido
March/21/2014 1405 Localizer Approach Clones - Follow up
February/21/2014 1404 Localizer Approach Clones
Added 1405 notice
GNS News

changed wording
December/05/2014Differences between Epic EGPWM Terrain Threat Database 571 vs 573
December/05/2014Terrain Database 473/573 available now for all platforms.

If you are having difficulty downloading terrain database files, it is recommended to you use the Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser.

Future Releases
  30 March 2015 - v474 MK V, MKV-A, and MK VII
  27 April 2015 - v474/574 MKVI, MK VIII, MK XXII, A350, A380, and Primus Epic