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  • August 27 2015 - Terrain Database 474/574 available now for all platforms. If you are having difficulty downloading terrain database files, it is recommended to you use the Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser.

  • August 27 2015 - Differences between Epic EGPWM Terrain Threat Database 573 vs 574

  • Future Releases

  • Mid-September 2015 - v475 MK V, MKV-A, and MK VII
  • Early October 2015 - v475/575 MKVI, MK VIII, MK XXII, A350, A380, and Primus Epic

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  • DO200A Compliance Statement

    This is a Honeywell document, confirming receipt of a Type 2 Letter of Acceptance (LOA) from FAA. The FAA letter indicates that Honeywell's Navigation data base production process has been deemed compliant with DO-200A / ED-76 (European equivalent), and FAA advisory circular AC20-153. The letter also informs that data suppliers EAG, Jeppesen and LIDO have also received Type1 LOAs from their regulatory authorities, and it re-affirms that the data chain for all Honeywell systems is now compliant with DO- 200A / ED-76 process.

  • Type 2 FAA Letter of Acceptance

    Is a letter (Dated 21st Jun 2010), from the Aircraft Certification office of FAA authenticating that FAA has verified Honeywell Navigation data base production process; and found it compliant with FAA Advisory Circular 20-153 and RTCA/ DO-200A. Compatibility has also been established with Flight Management Systems identified in the document.

  • Honeywell FMS Part Number Matrix.

    This document identifies the system part number for certified Honeywell Flight Management and navigation systems supported by the Navigation Database production process and covered by the LOA acceptance.

  • NavDB Cancellation Form

    Please use this from to cancel your NavDB service.

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